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Most people have never experienced a pandemic before.

While some areas of the country and even PA have had many Covid-19 cases, some areas are in PA have been in much better shape. 

If you were, and are still considering a new home this year, there are many benefits to build right now. Here are just a few reasons to consider. 

• Call our office now for Move-In Ready Homes-weeks…not months to move. 

• Interest rates are at historic lows. 

• Building materials have not increased much compared to the last two years. 

• Good supply of land, if you need a homesite, close to major roads. 

• New homes of today are far more energy-efficient and cost less to maintain. 

• You get to select colors, materials and design a home that makes you feel at home. Not one that was built for someone else. 

• New home warranties-no surprises.  

The virus is not going to be here forever. And you’re not getting any younger so this might be just the opportunity now knocking at your door, make that a new, better door. 

Classic Quality Homes has been developing a reputation for personal service, quality, value, and building an excellent home with your lifestyle and budget in mind. We are one of the fastest-growing Pocono builders. We deliver value in every home without any gimmicks.  

There has never been a better time to see us. Contact us today and you’ll be on your way to building your way with Classic Quality Homes, where quality never goes out of style.

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