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Is now a good time to buy a new Pocono home?

For most people the answer is yes! And here’s why:


Although interest rates have slowly increased, 30 year fixed rates are just as of mid-December, are just over 3%. Rates are nearly one point lower than 2019. Act now!
Are home prices stabilizing? The short answer is yes. For most of 2021, significant production challenges in getting lumber and other materials like roofing and windows were causing price increases. Most of the material prices have stabilized. Planning ahead goes along way to save on construction materials.
There are still many good home sites at fair prices in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeast PA. We will help you select land and look at objectively the location, and the features of the land to make the most of the construction.


We’re not a production builder! We’re a custom builder of quality homes. We want to build what is best for your lifestyle, not be forced to live with a floor plan that does not work best for how you live.


From an open floor plan, to a private first floor office, or a bonus room for your music, we will work with you to make the most of your space. When we initially meet with you we ask questions to develop your tastes, budget and of course how your floor plan will best suit you. We take time to personally know you. Our president and production supervisors are on job site just about every day to inspect the construction, and we will inform you on the progress of your home. Most of our homes average 8 months to complete.
For most of us, your home is the most expensive asset you will own. We believe in keeping the American Dream of home ownership as simple and hassle-free as possible. All of our carpenters, painters, framers, masons and staff have the team spirit. We take pride to make you feel at home! No wonder we are one of the fastest-growing Pocono builders.


Let’s start the conversation today about your new home now. Give us a call!


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